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I am the guy everyone feels at ease talking to,

If we have never met, my name is Joseph Nsiah and I am the editor of this website and Director at BCA

I am glad you have found this page. Join us in the cloud Accounting journey if you are not already there.

20 years ago, I prepared financial statements from accessing an in-house server. Those were the days without a remote connection to the office.

Staying late in the office to meet deadlines was the norm. Couldn’t take your laptop home to complete the work because you wanted access to the accounting system on the  office server.

The alternative was to spend ample time printing off piles of reports on a listing paper in order to comb through in the middle of the night.

I am not that old, but thank God for cloud accounting systems. Every small business can benefit from this at an affordable price and get their finances in order in real time, without the need to visit the office for that crucial sales report or the outstanding customer balances report.

My experience has been a combination of using financial systems to solve complex business performance issues. The evolution of cloud computing, Accounting system and how they can help smaller businesses who are on a limited budget, is the a welcoming relief. It seems to be the route the UK government is taking with the soon to be introduced “Making Tax Digital”. We have also seen the introduction 5% VAt at the UAE this year.

I guess in the near future most governments around the world will be “Making Finance Digital”. All our businesses will have to file their returns digitally with governments seeking access to business systems. That day is not far off.

In the year 2000 before the dot-com bust, I knew my interest lied in computers as well as Finance and I followed that interest by combining both professions in my previous job and training. I continue to specialise in both fields giving me the edge to overlap one with the other.


During the 2008 recession, I was still employed as head of finance and saw how disheartening it was to see many smaller businesses lose their livelihood due to reliance on the banks.

The truth about how some of our banks abused their position is still emerging today. I believed at the time that I could help smaller businesses take the necessary steps to understanding the finances of their business and prepare for eventualities like the 2008 recession.

Today cloud accounting provides businesses with the tools to do the following:

  1. Get paid quickly – the lifeblood of every business
  2. Get access to customers worldwide
  3. Get Access to Suppliers Worldwide
  4. Keep a close eye on bank transactions without waiting for your bank statement
  5. Know the health of the Business. Profitability reports by customer, supplier and Product
  6. Know what your competitors are doing
  7. Trade from anywhere in the world
  8. Get access to Finance
  9. Grow your business
  10. Track all expenses and don’t miss a trick
  11. Track all sales
  12. Keep a close eye on the stock
  13. Know customer buying patterns
  14. Upsell to customers
  15. Have a loyal customer base


The goal and purpose of Berkshire Cloud Accountants are for our valued customers to be able to transform their business for the best and achieve the goal they are searching for.

Even if you decide not to take any of our services, we hope the information you receive from us will put you in a better position to move your company forward to being a successful one.

We hope you to keep you updated on how you can get:

  1. Customers to pay on time
  2. Increased sales and retain your customers
  3. Find good Suppliers and maintain a good relationship
  4. Many more free advise

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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Bank Reconciliation can be set up by importing your bank statement or assessing it through your bank with your authorisation.

Set up can be as quickly as possible if we have all the information at hand.

Budgets can be added to the financial statement to enable you to compare the actual with the budget or forecast.

We work with software that will allow you to record time and bill for it. There is also the application that will keep track of time.

It depends on the sort of business. We can advise you on what is suitable for your business. There are payment systems that can be subscribed electronically without the need for renting the equipment.

No we offer the whole accounting package but we use the software to collect the data to drive your business and make the necessary tax returns.

We have a service that will download all your data for you for a minimum fee before your leave.

We cater for clients in the whole of the UK and internationally as well.

We have our in-house software as well as use other providers software. We believe the type of software you need depends on your business and to us, your business and the type of software you need is a priority.

We are your number providers who understand accounting as well as computing. We combine both pieces of knowledge to give you a unique experience.

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