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Small Business Review

Every business is different. They may be in the same industry with the competitors but the management driving the business have a reason for waking up to work each day. We look at the uniqueness by looking at the following:

  • Review the needs of the business

  • Tailor Cloud accounts towards goals of business

  • Test and Suggest best fit

Cloud Accounting Training

Training form experienced accountants. We understand the business needs of our clients and train on using the software to make optimum use. Training includes:

  • Invoice creation and editing

  • Bill creation and payments

  • Management Accounting Reports

  • Bank feeds and Reconciliation

  • Quick collection and allocation

Professional Accounting

Professional accounting services based on collected financial data of your business. This is first-hand information collected to allow business to perform the following:

  • Corporation Tax Returns

  • Annual financial statements

  • Accurate VAT returns

  • Cashflow Statement

  • Financial Health of the business

Budget and Forecast Planning

Budgeting and forecasting help decipher where the business is going. This is compared to the actual or to apply for a loan with investors knowing the direction of the business:

  • Sales Budget

  • Production Budget

  • Cost Budget

  • Overhead Budget

  • Cashflow Budget

Business Profitability Analysis

Determining the part of the business making the most profit enables business owners to do more of it and cut down on the loss-making areas. Some of the analysis includes:

  • Profitability by customers

  • Profitability by Suppliers

  • Profitability by Products

Business Sale and Due Diligence

There is great excitement about buying a business. However looking at the past results alone is not an indicator of success. There is a lot to it than meets the eye.

  • Accuracy of past results

  • Industry or Market Research

  • Innovation within Industry

  • Future of the Business and Market

  • Competition and the vision for the Business

Paying the right Tax

Knowing what to claim and how to be on the side of the law is very important for the business.

  • Tax claims

  • Paying the right tax

  • Making Tax Digital

  • Payment on time

  • Planning for future tax due

Business Set up and Company Registration

Business setup shouldn’t be daunting. We are here to help you with business planning to installing financial tools to help track and review business progress.

  • Business Plan

  • Loan Application advice

  • Company Registration

  • Tax and financial setup

  • Company Registration




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